Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBQ 2007

Sabtu, 21 July 2007 merupakan BBQ kedua yang Alaf 21 adakan setelah yang pertama berjalan dengan lancar! Macam biasa, aku antara orang yang paling sibuk sebab BBQ ini adalah idea aku... (bangga... bangga...) Cuma tarikh diadakan kita semua yang putuskan, bukan aku! Konsep BBQ kali ini ialah BBQ n Potluck... tema Black OR Red... jemputan cuma kengkawan terdekat & family... juga bekas budak yg practikal kat Alaf... Jemput gak mak bapak aku... tapi dorang tak dapat datang...

Aku punya jemputan ialah Huda, Fidah n Anna (classmate MASTER PROGRAM aku!)... macam biasa... aku seronok sangat sebab makanan kegemaran aku adalah benda2 yg bergrill ni... tapi macam biasa jugak, aku tak puas makan! Rasanya kenyang sangat, mungkin sebab aku minum banyak air... sebab baru2 ni aku kena infection... so, doctor nasihatkan aku minum banyak2 air... kembang jugaklah badan...

Nak tahu aku masak apa? Biasalah... potato salad... senang jer nak buat... rebus kentang pastu potong dadu sedang2 besar... rebus telur n belah 8 ke... 9 ke... terpulanglah... mix-vege rebus... hotdog potong kecil2... n mayonis. Pastu semua bahan tadi gaul dalam mangkuk.... angkat dan hidang!!! senang, kan?

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Down, badly bruised and battered. Could something get any worse than death? Surely. It’s when you learn you’ll never be able to walk and kick some balls, asses and some jerks again. Now surely that’s the worst possible that could ever happen to someone right? Wrong.

Dead wrong. Just when I thought I’ve moved on and anticipating a post-hell life, it happened again and this time it hits me right where it matters. The heart. Not by a crappy toyota but a fellow human. And this one hurts even more.

You see, my girlfriend owns a personal blog, which she prefers to keep it private. personally I find it quite an interesting reading since most of the entries are about our relationship and how tough life has been for an abled-body woman like her to love a crip in wheelchair. The thing is, its not that hard for both of us, but apparently it looks harder for jerks who dont seem to understand or just plain ignorant. And they have no better things to do like sniffing cow dung or something than being a nosey parker.

In her weblog, she had this chat-box tag where one can just say afew words of encouragement, or so we hoped. Again how dead wrong we were. Some good-for-nothing weirdos appeared out of shitholes and has been leaving so-called messages of advice since, hoping my girlfriend would ditch me for reasons being that,..

- Her parents are against me for being crippled.
- She deserve a better guy than stuck with a quad her entire life.
- I’m not capable of providing her financially as well as sexually
- I’m a retard for being in a wheelchair
- I wouldn’t even look at her if I wasn’t a quadriplegic
- Our family backgrounds are worlds apart
- I’m only making use of her for I’m a crip
- For some weird reason they think my love for her is fake

Those are some of what I can think of at this odd hour. And believe me, there are quite a few more.

Let’s go through it 1-by-1 from the top. Yes, perhaps there are some truths on this one. No parents in the right frame of mind would want their kids to live through hardship and in this case, to see their filial daughter marrying a crip after decades grooming her. But seriously, I cant turn things around although I wish I could. But she’s psycho over me and I’m crazy for her. By all means, feel free to take a closer look at me as a person, minus the wheelchair.

Yea admittedly there are millions of better guys than me. And again I have to agree with this one that she deserve not just a better guy but every gems under the sky for being sweet as a chocolate-swirl-in-a-sugarcone she is. I may not be a pilot or a doctor who earns some ridiculous amount of money monthly, nor am I a tampon salesman. What I really want to know from these jerks is, what makes a pilot or a doctor any better than me? Financial reason my ass. Do u even know how much I earn every month? Most probably much more than you freaks. Bottom line is she loves me and NOT millions of other better guys.

Coming to the third one, again what makes you dicks so sure I would be too useless to bring food home to feed her hungry stomach? Read this. I can do twice better. I’d cook for her or simply dine out. ON ME. On where I get the money, refer to the paragraph above.

And they’ve just got to know if a crip can actually have sex, don’t they? Ok you perverted poof, wank to this. The answer is a definite YES. I advise you narrow-minded shitheads to read more than just gossips in malay entertainment mags. Here’s a fact. Quadriplegics’ fingers are semi-functional where else not the case for paraplegics BUT we, the former, CAN get a boner where else the latter CANNOT. That’s mostly been the case. Now why should I bother explaining to these morons anyway, as I don’t think they know the difference between quads and paras in the first place. And come to think of it I doubt they’ve even heard of these words.

Afterall, I’ve been jerking a lot lately.

Moving along swiftly, idiots always have this crazy idea that person with mental disability moving around in wheelchair or to put it simply, guys on wheels are mentally challenged. I, for one, am not a retard. And so are dozens of my wheel buddies. It’s not even a myth. You guys are just plain dumb. So go figure who are the stupid retards here.

Next one. Quadriplegia is not something you can ask God to make you. So must I challenge what’s already written for me by HIM? I tell you this.. She’s the best thing ever happened to me my entire life sticking around on earth and sometimes I’m just glad being a quad for it has led me to know this wonderful God’s creation. I’d rather not walk again than to lose her. No way. Maybe your only motive is to pinch her right under my nose, since you are very determined to see us both separated. Fat chance. Eat my shit.

Then comes the family matter. That mine and hers are socially worlds apart? What are you trying to imply? That I live in Subang Jaya and she in Kuala Selangor? So what are we, not humans for being of the so called 'different social class'? And she should only marry some dude who was born and bred somewhere in, say, Bukit Lancung or kampung Setia in Banting or like that shit? I just don’t get it completely. Who sets such rule? We are both adults. And get this, we are both human. Whats the problem then? If there was any, it is you who probably cant marry a female human, for your family are a bunch of pigs.

Being a quad, It would be a great lie to say I don’t need much attention. Let alone assistance from the loved ones. I deserve to be loved. And so is she. We have talked things over for like a million times about our commitments for each other. She scratches my back and likewise, I scratch hers, both back and front. So anyways, just that you should read this carefully and put it in your empty head, I AM NOT HOPELESS. Guys in wheelchairs arent all hopeless. Get it? It may be a great surprise for dickheads like you to learn how independent some quads are, and most paras are. And to rely solely on other people is just a fantasy you created in your dung-filled mind just to feel great about your shitty self. You are lame.

For what I have explained above, I don’t quite care for what others like you may think how sincere my love for her is. THE BIGGEST QUESTION IS, WHO IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE WITH YOUR SHITTY ADVICE? Infact, I could have just ignored your turd-like comments. All sewer materials. But by writing something like this gives me a reason to call you a pig and to mind your own turf. Kill me if I've ever hurt your mom or sister. But til then, lay off.

Not quite a post for a maiden entry I imagined to start a blog with. Cant help it. Those hogs made me.